Slice Cakes

Cake Pop

Chocolate cake on a stick, coated with Belgium chocolate & covered with colourful bits. Every kiddos favourite.
Price: $2.10

Mixed Fruit Tarts

A box of 12 assorted mini tarts with a variety of fruits!
Price: $12.00/box

Strawberry Delight

Soft strawberry sponge filled with a layer of cream and jam.
Price: $1.80


Chocolate cake with blueberry in between topped with fresh cream
Price: $2.80

Carrot Cake

Raisin,carrot,walnut,all in the cake topped with cheese.
O yes!
Price: $3.80


A chocolicious cake with walnut. Simply orgasmic.
Price: $2.80

Durian Puff

Fresh homemade puffs with durian fillings. A must try!
Price: $9.50(Box of 6)

Prune Cheese

Yummy, with a mixture of prune and light cheese.
Price: $2.50

Royal Chocolate

Dark chocolate cake with chocolate sponge and fudge. Our Number 1 seller!
Price: $3.00

Durian Well

A cake cup filled with creamy fresh D24 durian!
Our Number 1 seller!
Price: $3.50

Blueberry Ring

Delicious Blueberry Ring with fresh and generous blueberries!
Price: $2.10

Dino Cakes Cafe Singapore
Mango Ring

Soft mango sponge with a generous filling of fresh mangoes
Price: $2.10

Rum Slice

Delicious Rum slice with a pint of rum
Price: $2.50


The Italian way of saying ‘I Love You’.
Price: $2.80

Chocolate Ring

Chocolate cream & chocolate sponge all rolled into one.
Price: $2.10

Cheese Tart

A biscuit like cup filled with cheese. A must try for cheese lovers.
Price: $2.20


Light fluffy pastry filled with chocolate cream
Price: $2.30

Coconut Delight

Fluffy soft cake topped with freshly steamed coconut
Price: $2.10

Walnut Crepe

Many layers of walnut pastry with a thin layer of butter cream in between
Price: $2.80